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Sword Art Online 3: Hollow Realization

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Sword Art Online 3: Hollow Realization Empty Sword Art Online 3: Hollow Realization

Post by Alala Kuran on Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:39 pm

A good game, but there's some turn-offs of this one compared to Sword Art Online 2: Lost Song.

-You start in place of Kirito! He will let YOU hold his place be boy or girl; however Kirito will always be your announcer/narrator if you leave default options on, else if "No Voice" is in place, despite everyone mentioning YOUR name in place for Kirito. This time he lets YOU hold the fort on the start, so no need to unlock custom character mode anymore, unlike the last game!
-Melee weapons mean business this time around!
-Skill Sheet looks more understandable this time, and can customize what you like, at most....
-More outfits at least compared to the last two, this time everyone gets cool stuff!

-You're not in Alfheilm (sorry bad spelling!) anymore so you are NOT ABLE TO FLY,
-There's NO MAGIC or RANGED weapons/skills anymore (something to frown at here) other than an unarmed weak Kunai throw, but the enemies/bosses STILL DO have it,
-The weapons array has decreased this game around; (Single Sword, Rapier, Dagger, Scimitar[new], Buster Sword, Axe, Spear) with some hidden ones (Celestial Blades = Dual Swords) but not as much. Weapons are lost from compared to Lost Song (Bow, Knuckles, Magic),
-(Big problem)-this game has some grammatical errors due to translations,
-(Big problem)-this game has a high chance to CRASH!
-(minor gripe)- this game does cross-save but it does NOT cross-play with the opposite side (PS4 without Vita and backwards).
-(Big problem)-there's some visible glitches in the game which need to be fixed in BOTH versions!

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