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Megaman 11 / Rockman 11

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Megaman 11 / Rockman 11 Empty Megaman 11 / Rockman 11

Post by Alala Kuran Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:03 pm

Finally gotten my paws on Megaman 11! This is what actually Megaman 9 should have been as it makes more sense in its graphics like right after 8, strangely. Glad it's out though!

So here's some stuff and here's my thoughts!

There's actually several difficulties on this one; ranges from (my inaccurate labeling) Rookie, to Casual beginner, to Normal, to Superhero (hard, and locked at first), so each hunter can have his or her pick. Sorry I never touched the Rookie mode lol, I felt insulted... my arrogance like this has been since Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time (in where I saw an easy difficulty and never touched it lol), and especially started up in the previously released Megaman-X Legacy Collection. Well it's because the way they are now it's kind of scary to hear "Yes you can take a much easier path to enjoy the story; however, you will be barred from certain parts and/or not unlock as much/anything as a cost!"

Speaking of that, it's been a thing since Megaman-X8 actually; easy mode you can find a bit of stuff but you can't get ultimate parts or anything until you spank Sigma and Lumine walks up to tell you "Good job, boys, but you now need to challenge Normal mode or higher! I'll be waiting." Same gist here; In Megaman 11, there's quite a few parts in Auto's shop and Light's lab which are missing if you take it on casual or lower...

One big gripe I have about MM11 is a basic function is missing... when you defeat a Maverick Boss/Robot Master, you can try his stage again but be warned that if you do, there is no Exit Stage option via Start Menu anymore this time for some odd reason (unless because Casual blocked access from buying it from the lab?)

Busted: wait, the touch pad on the PS4's controller brings up the options stuff and lets me leave? Well oops I didn't even bother with it at first till an accidental brush-off and finally saw it. Oops!

A new player?

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