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Contra: Rogue Corps

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Contra: Rogue Corps Empty Contra: Rogue Corps

Post by Alala Kuran Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:23 pm

Wow well looks like after a long silence and release of Blazing Chrome which was a response to Contra done by JoyMasher, Konami actually came up with an official continuation of the series. I'd personally call this one worthy of the name of "Neo Contra 2" if it could have been, lol! They mixed stuff up from each of them I know, and especially looks a lot more of Neo Contra, like this:

Basis is like Neo Contra --
-some returnees from previous Contra games, such as the giant T-801 boss from Contra 3 who tore through a factory wall and was spitting fire all over the place (the demo version spoils him having more parts and this time starts by trying to squish you with a train like using a whip, yikes!
-from the last official released Contra game which was actually by collaboration of Guilty Gear which called it "Hard Corps - Uprising" (imo: Contra: Hard Corps 2 - Uprising) and specifically from simply its past, Contra: Hard Corps, people do NOT die in the infamous 1-hit-fart kills from enemies anymore unless by something ridiculously powerful or a pitfall blooper (no pits in this game yet from what I know)
-can jump around like in all the others but in Neo Contra's almost full-3D runaround areas, and can still do the Neo-Style Dodge (but you cannot in place anymore, it's mobile-only) but at the cost of that sacrifice comes power; it's an attack-dodge! You hurt stuff slightly when you evade into enemies and in fact you HAVE to in some cases to stun them and finish them off; it's a Game Requirement.
-There's four unwitty Merc Heroes in this one compared to Neo Contra. This time the new Rogue Corps are: Kaiser (he replaces Bill Rizer and has a much worse attitude but there's a reason why), Ms. Havakiri (a chickie who has a bad stomach, no really there's a beast for her stomach and she calls him flat out a jerk and stabs him a LOT lol! Blade suppresses him so she doesn't get completely possessed so was told by one of the Mercs.), a Panda-Powerhouse who's nicknamed "HB" aka: Hungry Beast and is actually smart due to being a scientist (in brain), and a Gentleman Bug who is stylish and formal. They're the four playables for now, but the 5th is Aero Captain (forgot what her real name was but she prefers to just be called Aero Captain anyway) but think her name was Lily of the V.T.O.L.?

Here's some new stuff unlike before which will fill almost any Ultimate Soldier Contra's arsenal of fun.

*This is the first Contra game I've ever seen that allows 4P co-op ever, most of the others were only 2P at best, this one also supports online play as well as couch play (though them exploration missions are a major pain in the ass to me from their difficulty lol ouchies! Oops! )

*This one has a lot of weapons too, but you don't lose 'em on your "whoops!" moment, and in fact that's not all, but they can be customized and even level up like in more of an RPG fashon! A first!

Well out of everything positive however, there's two things about this game that bring it down a few notches from being great. For one, since these guys are the Rogue Corps" and not the returning heroes or clones of them, these peeps have quite a wide-open potty mouth, so expect foul language.... and a LOT at that in this one but from their situations it can't really be blamed too much (and a few parts have funny moments to be honest even with the nasty mouths) but there's that one other big con for this game that goes though in my view like salt in the eye to me though, makes me sad to see it even became a thing and I say it never should have happened so not everything about this game is good...

....yes they have a freaking stupid PVP crap mode in the game. As if the aliens weren't enough now we have morons fighting eachother at a time and such a legendary series like this? Just NO Complaining I can't believe they added something as pompous as that in a series that was a virgin against that competitive cancerous blight... sadly though it's a thing now. Makes me sick seeing it, but well each person has a taste of what they want in this version now unlike any other.

Another downside is the lack of OST and Music this game has unlike all other Contra games except at a few intervals and Boss Battles, and yet one other downer is that if you neglect to keep your weapons in top-shape, things will truly become a stop-sign! Enemies can get significantly more powerful and quickly at that; example is um....
out of my experience:
Current Progress to this edit on topic is up to Rank 3 Stages. Stages 1 through 5 (Stage 1 Mega-Boss) are all basic and fairly easy except for the 1st main boss perhaps who forces a case of where you REQUIRE a Long-Ranged weapon! Even so he was reasonably difficult because he is a MAJOR Boss after all. Rank 2 Stages are where things start to actually get kind of tough and guaranteed to end up having you lose a life or several in an area before clearing it. Unlike in Neo Contra, losing lives doesn't affect your rank this time but is still bad to have happen! The 2nd Main Boss will certainly chop you a new one quite easily after you take out his peons! I'd say starting on his encounter and above: Rank 3 stages is where the game actually starts to get really hard and is one call to saying you better start getting better weapons, or you will NOT succeed! The trouble spot is the Frozen Field area in where the exact same major "prerequisite challenger" is lurking again for yet another rematch if you can survive the onslaught of ridiculously powerful "Big Mouth" enemies, Kamikaze Heads, and mine field with a few Buzz-Blade Ninja-droids causing more havoc!

Regardless of one nasty snag that doesn't belong in the game, I say it's the best one I've seen yet!

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