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Happy B-Day for Len!

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Happy B-Day for Len! Empty Happy B-Day for Len!

Post by Alala Kuran on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:13 pm

Happy B-Day for Len! Untitled-3-1_150
Oh, hey! Look! It's your birthday today! Happy B-Day for Len! Icon_razz

Happy B-Day for Len! 58e792676493260ad493e230ab86dee7

Happy B-Day for Len! Untitled-2-1_120
Yes it is, and now for everyone else to find out her actual age......

Follow my formula:
The date of the very first Melty Blood game which Len has made her mysterous and very cute appearance, minus this year's date, and add the sum of 100 to that number...

The answer to this is her exact age of now! Happy B-Day for Len! Icon_wink

And as of being a succubus, compared to everyone else's age in the
netherworlds of Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom, this is
why she's appearing only as a child; she's very young and has a long
way to go.

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Alala Kuran
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Happy B-Day for Len! Empty Re: Happy B-Day for Len!

Post by MidbossVyers on Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:11 am

Well, actually I think you forgot to factor in Kagetsu Tohya (and Tsukihime, though Len was more of a plot device then) into your formula. Len (and by extension White Len who existed as a part of Len for that amount of time) has been on this Earth for about 400 years. Also, I don't think she would have "a long way to go" because she's an artificially-born succubus created by... that mage who defeated Einnashe (please answer this in my other thread if you know his name), so I don't think she'll grow as time goes on. She's a succubus for the people with... special needs. Also, she and Shiki Nanaya got married! (Also shows her age there)
Happy B-Day for Len! D246a5675f86449f9f9b0fd1d659ccb810f

Happy B-Day for Len! Sayacallsyoucopy
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