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Top Mecha-Action games

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Top Mecha-Action games Empty Top Mecha-Action games

Post by Alala Kuran Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:17 pm

Crimrose : Make a list of your top Mecha-Action games and series to ever be known and that you'd recommend to anyone else you know!

Here's my top 5 Mecha games:
1: Cosmic Break - This has a huge selection of mechas to select from! From Reploids (see Megaman for example) who are humanoid Mecha androids, up to pure heavy metal solid robotic bodies of steel! You can play with or against players here too by choice at will. of course however.... there could be more content to be added and such, and be warned that the "best" and "badass-looking" characters/bots sadly are a "pay to win" get... that's a shame.... regardless, it's still a top tier mark of Mecha Action-RPG games to be noted of! A must-try! I may not go on it as much anymore but I still do nonetheless and it's not bad at all.

2: Gundam - Who the hell does NOT want to pilot a gigantic sized anime mechaniloid and beat down some baddy-bots?! Gundam is a staple of Mecha-Anime, been out at a very early age, and is never old! Too bad I hardly have any games of its badass series.... because they often get sold-out fast, lol!

3: Armored Core - More of the "real world" Mecha action. The Armored Core series sets a lone Raven: you, to go out and kick some Ro-Butt in mission campaigns and or arena battles, and get paid doing it to make your AC much bigger and better for what lies ahead. Do be warned however, you can't just jump in as a novice! If you get careless, you will be shot down pretty badly! This series has a somewhat high degree of difficulty, but hey! Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun and rewarding. Has excellent replayability, various story endings (in where you always are the last one standing however), badass soundtrack which mixes techno with abstract and upbeat music while on the fly, and high customization for your Armored Core; from the parts down to the weapons and even paintjob and emblem editor! To confess, I started at Armored Core 3 for my first, and only have it with Armored Core: Last Raven, and now Armored Core V: Verdict Day, and it's got me hooked even despite how the series has been becoming progressively much more difficult in the later versions. Totally worth a go! There are also some rare blooper-moments in the series however Laughing
such as this:

4: Megaman - Of course he's not like... Mecha, but he is a Reploid, and that counts as a small mecha, not exactly human, so he still counts! His objective is to deal with usually 8 (or sometimes more) "Robot Masters" who have gone maverick, along with a few extra bosses sometimes and especially supervision who have issued the order of destruction and reveal themselves after the usual 8 bosses have been destroyed. More anime than mecha style but everything in here is a battle of steel so Megaman still qualifies as part of the Mecha category for sure. So many series, spin-offs and such, cameos from him too. Despite his series going almost obsolete, he is still an iconic character and will never be forgotten, even fans still make things of him! I find Megaman-X series my favorite at most.

5: Transformers - The series based of the robots in disguise never stays old either. They too, like for Gundam series, been around for years. There isn't a lot of games based of them either but the most I have seen and even the one I have with them on it is not poorly done of a job. There has been improved versions as for their up-to-date series kinds as well and most certainly should be given a go!

Other mentionable candidates: Steel Lancer Arena International "S.L.A.I."

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