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The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them!

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The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them! Empty The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them!

Post by Alala Kuran Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:51 pm

A funny topic and I could be dead-wrong, but try to name the main 10 things which defines Final Fantasy that you can remember and never forget! (Fun topic) Can be done in any order and randomly, so far here's what I've got, correct me if I'm wrong (which I am...)

1- Bahamut the Dragon; he almost NEVER missed a single game, not even the side-games/gaidens/spinoffs

2- Moogles; Mog never missed many FF games, well not the many I know... 6 thru 14 including gaidens/spinoffs

3- Chocobos; lovely little birds! Many let you ride them, some don't, and there's at least three(?) games where you ARE the chocobo yourself!

4- The victory song; slight remixes, but still very close to itself even in gaidens/spinoffs.... and even OTHER GAMES such as Ehrgeiz!

5- Dr.Cid; he never retired, never will, sometimes he looked like he aged, other times he looks young, but it's still good ol' Cid! He will ALWAYS show up (sometimes an antagonist, but most times a supporter, and sometimes YOUR COMMANDER too, lol!) And wherever Cid goes, there is technology in advancement to follow him!

6- Crystal Sources; power comes from crystals throughout the series.... I think? Sometimes in some cases if people die they turn into a crystal which is BAD.... (FF-Tactics) but the series has high importance revolving around crystals and power.

7- Little red fire "Bomb" guys; they are a epitome of fear and have quite a angry looking face to show you "Back off!", you know that once they get bigger, you BETTER do one of the following: 1-run the f**k away really fast!, 2-Take them DOWN before they grow because they will Kamikaze on you and it HURTS!! (if you don't die)

8- Cactus guy "Cactuar", and the 1000 needles; the little green man of doom will do over 1000 damage to you! That's a lot of pain, that's a lot of needles! Well, I dunno if he was in the earlier versions but he has became quite infamously popular, 2nd place to the Bomb guy.

9- Your currency is Gil; quite an odd name but when anyone says that, it's a flash of Final Fantasy to mind yes? lol!

10- ???
*seeking further info, feel free to fill this gap and/or correct me of any other incorrect things of the above if any. Oops!

11- Odin; unconfirmed if he's been in every single FF game, but he has certainly been in a a lot of them, including games that are gaidens and even not exactly even FF series (he is a special Boss in Phantasy Star as well! Check my YT and twitch! Confirmed! Seriously!) top notes are Odin is 2nd place with Bahamut himself, but I dunno.... still a legend either way!

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The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them! 24101
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The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them! Empty Re: The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them!

Post by Dark Knight Cecil Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:51 pm

Moogles first appeared in FF3 on the NES. Before they premiered, there were beavers in FF2 that Guy could talk to.
Bahamut, out of the main games, has only missed one entry (FF2 again).
Crystals are the main thing until 6, where Materia replaces them in 7 and don't appear at all in 8. They reappear in 9, but disappear again in 10.

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The 10 staples of Final Fantasy - Name them! Cecilsigcopy
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