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Soul Calibur for the PSP eh?

The Dutch Guy
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Soul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 Empty Re: Soul Calibur for the PSP eh?

Post by Arala Cran Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:26 pm

Seems my "Best Loyal Characters" list has taken a change, here's my list;

Soul Calibur 2 Roster:
1: Xianghua (the first I've seen of anything dealing with Soul Calibur. Mobile Soul-Charge with Cure, cuteness, and combos For the win!)
2: Siegfried
3: Yunseung
4: Raphael

-all others are hard to get along with when issuing commands

Soul Calibur 3 Roster:
1: Xianghua (attack impact rating and combos have dropped, but speed and power has increased for her, still the best and she can still do some good combos)
2: Talim (Best for penetrating enemy defenses up close)
3: Zasalamel
4: Siegfried
5: Yunseung

-Raphael has fallen from the list due to lowered pushback rating and complex moves a bit...

Soul Calibur: Broken Destily Roster:
1: Xianghua (She's always been the Best, even with greatly lowered push back rating and now dropped attack power)
2: Amy (2nd Best now, was the first to get a good rating in my Trial Attack list)
-Amy and Xiang are in tight par with one another, both are very loyal and get things done quickly.

3: Siegfried
4: Zasalamel
5: Yunseung
6: Nightmare
7: Seung Mina
8: Cassandra

Overall in any SC game:
1: Xianghua
2: Amy

Soul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 PbucketSoul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 Pbucket
Soul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 Pbucket
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Arala Cran
Arala Cran
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Sexy Shikigami Goddess (Admin)

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Soul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 Empty Re: Soul Calibur for the PSP eh?

Post by Alala Kuran Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:27 am

New SC:BD roster update:

1: Renetona (Xianghua); - myself. (Taken a bit more of a look like Amy now)
2: Arala Cran (Scythe); - my Shikigami-Self as usual, just changed my dress a bit.
3: FO-Newearl (Xianghua); - myself as seen in PSOBB!

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
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Soul Calibur for the PSP eh? - Page 2 24101
Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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